Private Office Suite
Team Riders

Starting at $200 plus GST per week

You get 24/7 access to the office, your own desk/s, office drawers unit, rubbish bin, as well as printer access, a bi-weekly office clean and full access to the private meeting / Boardrooms across all The Boarding Office locations. All the benefits of a large office without the costs!


Dedicated Desk
In the Line Up

Starting at $100 plus GST per week

Dedicated desks come with High speed internet, a chair, lockable desk drawers, rubbish bin, as well as printer access, a bi-weekly office clean and full access to the private meeting and Boardrooms across all The Boarding Office locations, as the network expands.


The Boarding Pass

Starting at $75 plus GST per week

The Boarding Pass Membership can be the starting point for your venture. This month-to-month plan is perfect for people who need a base for meeting clients in a more business like setting than their local coffee shop but don’t need a dedicated workspace just yet.


Looking for the Perfect Meeting Room?

The Boarding Office also offers a range of solutions for hosting your Professional Meeting or Corporate Event.


The following are included in all The Boarding Office spaces:

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Bond
  • 24/7 Access
  • High speed Internet (20/20)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electricity
  • Business-class printers
  • Spacious, unique common areas
  • Private and open format meeting rooms
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Free filtered water

What you should know about signing a commercial lease

After a year at The Boarding Office, my business has never been better. The relaxed environment surrounded by surfing history makes for clarity and is a gentle reminder of 'why we do what we do'.

Gordon MacdonaldThe Auction Group

Great Place to work, fantastic atmosphere and people. Wonderful support team and they make everyone feel very cared for. There is such a broad range of business here at the Boarding Offices.

Deborah BeerHorizon Property Alliance

This is just an awesome space and you can tell Keith has put a lot of thought. I love the vibe, and I'm proud to say this is my "office-away-from-home". Also, how cool is it with a dog friendly work environment!

Marcus Hølland EikelandEngineer.It

The team at The Boarding Office in Mooloolaba have been nothing short of amazing and to order a coffee on my way up the stairs each morning at our wee cafe has been an enjoyable indulgence.

Jonine BakerLead Farmers

We are a co-shared office space with individual rooms to lease boasting a large common area that has an alter ego as a Surf Museum, throw in an Espresso Café and that’s about us!


Make Sure You Get the Most Unique Office Space for Rent with The Boarding Office

Here’s why you need to consider using our serviced office space:


Flexibility is key to any modern business. What’s the point in paying a premium for an office block for a predetermined amount of time? The amount of flexibility you get from using serviced offices is invaluable, as they allow you to up and move your company at the drop of a hat if you need to.

You could be at our serviced offices in Nambour, QLD, then all of a sudden find that you need to move your business to Mooloolaba for any number of reasons. If this happens, there’s no need to worry because The Boarding Office has you covered.

Thanks to the flexibility of our serviced offices, you could move your business from our Nambour location to our Mooloolaba offices in no time at all!

The adaptability of our offices also means that if your business starts to grow, you can also rent more space as you need it. Equally, you can reduce your space if your business plans to downsize without having to bear any financial burden.


Aside from the flexibility our office space gives you, the biggest benefit to you and your business is the reduced costs. With your own office block, you’ll have to pay for things like legal fees, a 3-month bond, internet, electricity, furniture, cleaning, printers and photocopiers. You’ll also have to waste time in researching providers and waiting for contracts.

With our beautifully crafted office space for rent, you can save money on all of these costs, as our office space has everything you’ll need already included. On top of this, you also don’t have to worry about paying for repairs in an office block.

Honestly, everything about our shared office space should be screaming at you to rent us now!


Prestige: that one word should be enough to sway you. Think about how much you would have to pay for an office block in a great location – is the cost putting you off?

That’s where serviced offices come into play. Our offices are in fantastic locations that should typically cost a premium. However, because ours are serviced offices, the costs are far lower. This means that you can get your business in a prominent location without incurring the high costs.

We have the perfect offices for you and your business. With the combination of beautifully crafted surfboards, incredible locations, huge flexibility and massive cost savings, you would be crazy to pass up this opportunity.

If you would like to get any more information about our locations or if you want to go ahead and rent a space, then don’t hesitate to contact The Boarding Office now!