Finding the right place for your business is an important milestone, but it can put a lot of pressure on your finances. Traditionally, you need to find the right place that’s not too big but allows for room to grow, have spare capital for a bond and be prepared to put it all on the line with a long-term lease.
At The Boarding Office we like to do things differently:




Want to learn more about how The Boarding Office can work for you?

Private Office Suite
Team Riders

Starting at $200 plus GST per week

A completely private Office Suite of your own that can accommodate teams from One to Six People and grow with your business. If you have that favourite desk, bookcase or picture? Bring it with you, personalisation is encouraged.
We’re also pet friendly!


Dedicated Desk
In the Line Up

Starting at $100 plus GST per week

A desk of your own in a shared space. You will still be in a private suite just sharing with a few others. So no need to pack up your things when running late for that meeting as you’ll set up shop in the same spot each day. Plus you can personalise your work area.


The Boarding Pass

Starting at $75 plus GST per week

Access to common areas and digital services such as high-speed WiFi and printing during business hours plus events and benefits which lets you connect with other members. Also includes the ability to buy access to private meeting and Boardrooms as needed.


Looking for the Perfect Meeting Room?

The Boarding Office also offers a range of solutions for hosting your Professional Meeting or Corporate Event.

More than just a good idea – it’s good business!

  • 2-5 Person Office Space (circa 60m²) can save you over $27,000 / Year compared to traditional offices.

  • 3-6 Person Office Space (circa 80m²) can save you over $35,000 / Year compared to traditional offices.

The Boarding Office Offers You Stylish and Beautiful Serviced Offices

We have two fantastic locations on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, both featuring one of our incredible surf museums.

Here at The Boarding Office, we offer your business the ultimate in co-shared serviced offices. Our office spaces are made up of individual rooms to lease, surrounding a large common area which has been specially designed and furnished to encourage casual, relaxed interaction amongst businesses.

Because, well, that’s the Sunshine Coast way of doing business!

Our serviced offices are beautifully decorated with what we call functional art. By that we mean hand shaped, hand painted, primarily vintage surfboards.

That’s right, as well as having the best office space for rent, our alter ego is a surf museum!

With our incredibly priced offices, our beautiful surf museum and our relaxed common area, all you need to do is throw in an espresso café for the essentials and you have the perfect environment to do your business.

So, have we got you interested?

We can help you! Whether you’re looking for short or long term office space, make sure you get in contact with us as we’ve got the perfect space for you. Or just come by anytime and visit us for some great coffee, food and some awesome surfing history!

After a year at The Boarding Office, my business has never been better. The relaxed environment surrounded by surfing history makes for clarity and is a gentle reminder of 'why we do what we do'.

Gordon MacdonaldThe Auction Group

Great Place to work, fantastic atmosphere and people. Wonderful support team and they make everyone feel very cared for. There is such a broad range of business here at the Boarding Offices.

Deborah BeerHorizon Property Alliance

This is just an awesome space and you can tell Keith has put a lot of thought. I love the vibe, and I'm proud to say this is my "office-away-from-home". Also, how cool is it with a dog friendly work environment!

Marcus Hølland EikelandEngineer.It

The team at The Boarding Office in Mooloolaba have been nothing short of amazing and to order a coffee on my way up the stairs each morning at our wee cafe has been an enjoyable indulgence.

Jonine BakerLead Farmers

Low costs and no big lock in lease terms always helps when you’re starting your business. Communication is good. It’s very relaxed. There’s no great pressure.

Michael CrearyAustralian Escapes

"What we were attracted to was the lease terms and flexibility. The cost was an important factor because we wanted something low-commitment. We were happy with the offices. It’s a bit different in terms of the decor. But it is still quite a professional environment because it’s been done tastefully."

Cesar UylangcoUP Financial Planners

"The environment, it’s cool, clicky, but it works because there’s heaps of different trades and stuff in the one space. I think you’ve got the right people in here, it’s friendly. By the time we did electricity, air-conditioning, internet we were spending more at home so it’s good price wise too."

Brent Harris Co-Style Constructions

"We realised we didn’t want the responsibility of a full-term lease and couldn’t afford it. We came across you guys and the numbers looked good. We also just really liked the vibe. I wasn’t expecting such a well-presented and interesting space. It adds a personality and an atmosphere that’s really enjoyable. The package is fantastic. The process is very simple. And the way you use the space creates a good atmosphere."

Rob StinsonNumber 11

"We wanted to be more visible. We wanted to engage with people person to person. The physical presence gives us credibility. It’s easy to use and it has great services and facilities. We really embrace people who bring something positive to Nambour. It’s great seeing a business that really gives back."

Lisa FryNambour Alliance

"What really brought me here was the quirkiness of it. It is so unique and different but elegant and sophisticated. I just saw potential here. I came in and told myself ‘don’t look too excited’ but it was kind of like the feeling you get when you love a home and you’re trying to hold back but I was just sitting there thinking, ‘okay, you’ve got me!’ Everyone’s friendly and you’ve got everything you need as a small business. I’m over the moon."

Jenny McEvoyJenny McEvoy Real Estate

“We were looking for something with flexibility in the arrangement, good location, good facilitates, good atmosphere and this space ticked all those boxes. We’re really happy here, it’s been great. Our team’s expanded and it’s working well.”


My boss has a love of surfing, so he loved the idea of The Boarding Office as well as the location and the affordability. We were looking for something that could provide a professional environment in the event that clients do come in and potentially afford us the ability to grow if and when that occurs. We wanted a serviced office so that as our business needs change, we’re not locked into a long-term lease.

Denielle PohlnerAnderson Gray Lawyers

My CFO started looking around because our lease ended at our last office and we’re in a bit of a transition period. Initially it was a cost thing. We were trying to fill a gap and The Boarding Office fit the bill. There’s nothing I don’t like about the space.

Linda HagenBlackstone Lawyers

Our Locations

Our first location is Mooloolaba, QLD, or what we like to call Mooloolaba Island!

It offers one of the best beaches on the planet just 300 meters away, and easy access to the Sunshine motorway and Maroochydore, QLD. Being perfectly close to the action, just a few hundred meters from the beach, this is a location not to miss.

Our second location is Nambour, QLD, on what is arguably the most prominent corner in town!

Our renovation of this grand location has made a creative yet affordable serviced office in an emerging township. Let’s just put it this way: if there’s a more stylish Art Deco building oozing cool in Nambour, then we haven’t found it!

Our Surf Museums

We pride ourselves on offering something unique to everyone. That’s why we are a privately owned and operated museum with no government funding.

We believe that surfboards have character and history that can’t be ignored. The handmade and hand painted boards that we have in our museums ooze energy from their makers and carry with them the memories of all the fun they have given their riders! It’s really something special when you think about it.

If only boards could talk, all the stories that they would tell…

We are a co-shared office space with individual rooms to lease boasting a large common area that has an alter ego as a Surf Museum, throw in an Espresso Café and that’s about us!


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