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Timber Boards Restoration

By April 18, 2018 No Comments

There’s something special to me about timber Boards! Their look, the idea of ancient times or maybe it’s that juncture between carpenters/ cabinetmakers and saltwater, yeah that has to be it, combining my passions of Property largely built with timber 🏡 and Surfing 🏄 all in one.
It’s a privilege for us to be able to restore this grand old dame of the 1950’s to her former glory. Originally thought to be a creation at the hand of the pioneering Victorian legend Vic Tantau with his signature nose block, when peeling back the de-laminated deck of this beautiful 10ft piece of rideable art, we discovered the remnants of an old logo. Maybe, just maybe (well we hope 😬) it’s a Californian import from or around that famous trip during the 1956 Olympic Exhibition where the ‘Americans’ showed us the Malibu Chip and immediately delegating the current craft 14 & 16 ft toothpicks to the scrap heap thus ushering in the era of the Malibu. Looking at the nose and tail rocker (lift) this beauty was hand shaped from 3 inch+ thick (5 pieces) of 10ft long high quality balsa and quite advanced for its time. Blessed to be #savinghistory 🙏