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Trackers and Pocket Rockets had streamlined bodies and speedy shapes which very quickly replaced the V bottomed pioneers. To me they are perhaps the true meeting point of the short board revolution with the wide point forward of centre and where importantly the reducing length from the Australian camp meet the thinner, narrower tails of the Hawaiian camp.

This Shane Tracker with inscription GGS ZZ while slightly larger than a typical Tracker, suggests it’s an early innovative adaptation of the concept. At 7’8” x 21’ 1/2” x 2’5/8”, it has glass lap lines and nice zz centre glass panel.

The original Greenough inspired w.a.v.e. set removable single fin has been ground down from its original high aspect ratio to its solid base, very common of the period.

The Shane logo is featured on the bottom of the board, which was saved from a kerbside council pickup near Cronulla Beach in Sydney.

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