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Mark Richards —A BRIEF HISTORY

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Mark Richards was born (1957) and raised in Newcastle, an industrial city located 100 miles north of Sydney. Ray Richards, Mark’s father, was a surfer and used car salesman who, in 1961, opened Newcastle’s first surfboard shop.

Mark had a peculiar surfing style: knees often braced together, hunched shoulders, long arms fully extended, with both hands frequently bent up at the wrist. He was nicknamed the “Wounded Seagull”.

Despite this he sought tuition from master shapers and designed craft perfectly suited to his style to win four consecutive world championships (1979-82); described by Australia’s Surfing Life magazine as the country’s “surfing saint.” Most surfers see him as a superhero!

It doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is what you do with the blank canvas each of us are given in life. Those who find their calling, fill their lives with amazing achievements – dreams they transform into reality.

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