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Geoff Darby shaped Thruster (2+1) 5’9 19 3/8 x 2 1/4. Shaped in 1985 the long rail decals (on bottom) were produced for boards that came out of his shop “ The Alley Surf Shop” in Currumbin.

Most interestingly in 1970 he employed a smart ex-Air Force Kiwi who was invited over to compete in the first Stubbies contest, his name was Allan Byrne (RIP). See our dedication to AB with a number of his creations in Meeting Room 1 at The Boarding Office Club Hotel – Nambour. Geoff said that during AB’s time at Darby, Al’s channel bottoms started to transition from run of the mill channels to the deep, sharp monsters he would later become world famous for.

Al worked with Geoff for a while till things slowed down then he moved up the road to work at Hot Stuff before later ultimately forming his own label Byrning Spears

A less known fact is that prior to that first Stubbies contest at Burleigh in 77′ where Peter Drouyn had devised the first ‘man on man’ stand-up surfing competition format which is still used to this day, Geoff was the board sponsor of local World Tour Professional competitor Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew. Rabbit narrowly lost the semi-final with a wave on the siren with Geoff one of the heat judges they sadly parted company soon after the contest. Rabbit went on to win both the event and World championship the following year.

Geoff’s no longer shaping but still loves getting out midweek when the crowds are down for a few quiet waves at his local spot.


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