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What Will Workplaces of the Future Look Like?

By February 9, 2018 No Comments

If you were to unearth a time capsule of office supplies from thirty years ago, you’d probably find the majority of items are now redundant. With modern technology advancing at break-neck speed, it’s no wonder workplaces have changed so much. Think of the business revolution created by the invention of the internet, for example. But it’s not just the things we use that have changed how we do business; it’s the physical environment in which we operate that’s undergone huge developments also. Contemporary workplaces look nothing like the archaic images of tiny cubes crammed into row after row of mind-numbing monotony. So with all the progress we’ve made over the past ten, twenty, or even thirty years, can we predict what workplaces of the future will look like? Well, yeah, we can. And we must say, we’re pretty damn excited about it!

The physical workspace

As the demands of modern life evolve, there is increased pressure for the physical workspace to respond accordingly. In recent years, workers have experienced a gradual shift from rigid office spaces to open-plan offices, with shared co-working spaces rapidly on the rise. But this is more than just a trend. Experts confirm that shared workplaces are a smarter business environment, and create better work culture and collaboration opportunities. It seems the physical office space is entering a new revolution that will continue to transform the ol’ brick and mortar establishments we spend a large chunk of our lives in. And considering the number of global co-working spaces has increased 700% since 2011, I’d say the future is already here.

The remote workspace

Thanks to the ‘gig economy’, the remote workspace has fast become an acceptable, even desirable, way to do business. This gig economy will play a vital role in transforming workplaces of the future as more people turn to freelancing. Analysts predict that freelancers will soon make up 50% of the workforce, meaning a further decline in traditional office spaces. So, if more and more people are opting to work from home or other remote places, what does this mean for the future of workplaces? Well, as work becomes more ‘borderless’, where work gets done will continue to change, too. With technology developments making advanced collaboration possible, the future workplace could be anywhere between a shared office, a café, the beach, or even your own bed. Where do I sign up?

The virtual workspace

Once upon a time, sci-fi movies were the only place where holographic meetings existed. But not anymore. Modern digital developments mean this concept could soon become common practice in the workplace. Although virtual reality application in the real world is probably still a few years out, Microsoft has already taken a VR software company on-board, so we can assume it’s only a matter of time until VR-based meetings and headsets become an essential part of everyday business.

The workspace revolution

What a time to be alive! Modern workplaces are evolving towards largely virtual, totally global systems, encompassing incredibly diverse new ways of working. However, it won’t be an overnight transformation. We should expect to see a gradual but consistent shift into a new workplace model, where we learn to create new rules of engagement and navigate through dynamic environments.

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!


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