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Serviced Offices: A Cost-Effective Office Space Solution

Serviced offices are becoming hugely popular among entrepreneurs, and it’s not hard to understand why. There are many challenges you face when you branch off on your own, one of which is where to conduct your business from. Most startups have limited budgets, so they must find ways to cut costs and maximise the assets they do have. This is where serviced offices hold the upper hand over a traditional office space. Here’s why they’re dominating in the freelance workforce right now:

Added Flexibility

Why rent a regular office and have to sign a long-term lease, when you can rent a serviced office for a fraction of the cost, and – if you wish – a fraction of the time? These short-term lease agreements are ideal for startups. This is because a business that’s still in its infancy needs more financial flexibility than one already turning a steady profit. Having the option of a short-term contract gives you peace of mind that if your business falls onto financial hardship, you won’t have the added stress of paying rent for an office space you no longer require.

Customisable Office Spaces

As an entrepreneur, creativity is often a vital part of the business. One of the big advantages of working in a serviced office is having the ability to customise and personalise your own space. When you are content with and inspired by your surroundings, productivity can increase by up to 11 percent. Because a serviced office is your own personal space, you have the freedom to design it however you like. Good luck finding a traditional office that provides you with such personal liberties.

Test Multiple Markets

Because serviced offices offer more flexibility in term leases, companies are therefore able to test multiple markets. If a certain area does not produce results you expected, you can terminate the agreement the following month. This opens up a range of market possibilities in testing new cities and suburbs, and because there is minimal risk, you have the potential to take your business to the next level regardless of what industry you work in.

Zero Moving Downtime

Imagine moving your business into a fully furnished office, and not having to relocate a single thing when you leave. That is exactly what it’s like to rent a serviced office. These innovative spaces take the stress and hassle out of moving your business, as they require zero shifting of furniture. All office equipment and furniture are yours to use the moment you sign the lease. And when you’re ready to leave, it’s as simple as handing in your key.

When you’re an entrepreneur, time is money, so you need to spend it wisely. Having your own workspace is important for staying productive and getting work done, but you’re also on a budget. Many freelancers are therefore turning to these unique commercial solutions to achieve results. But don’t just take our word for it, rent a serviced office space for yourself and discover what all the hype is about.

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