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3 Factors to Consider When Searching For the Perfect Office Space to Rent

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Today’s entrepreneurs know that you need to be going the extra mile in ensuring the happiness of your employees. Their happiness plays a direct role in ensuring your business functions successfully. We believe that providing your employees with a great office space is an easy way to make that happen.

Looking for an office space for rent has to involve more than just finding the first available unit you and leasing it. Office design should encourage employees to be more functional, engaged, and productive. Consider these three elements when searching for your next office space.


Lighting fixtures may seem like a fairly trivial addition to your office, but they actually do far more than you’d think. Daylight control balanced CFL bulbs mimic natural sunlight, which impacts the rate at which your employees can successfully complete tasks. Daylight, after all, reportedly helps maintain cortisol production in our bodies – which keeps away negative stuff such as stress. Improper or insufficient lighting also contributes to sleepiness and reduced functionality, so ensure that when you’re picking an office space you opt for one with some decent lighting to keep production up!


A Cornell University paper found that sound mismanagement – otherwise known as noise – affects human beings negatively. This science isn’t anything new, but it goes into specifics about exactly how we’re negatively affected by noise. It makes us lose focus in what we’re trying to do. This leads to the increase in levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are the chemicals our body produces when we are stressed.

To facilitate great sound control in your offices, consider installing sound-absorbing panels in areas where noise level is high. If you don’t have the budget for them, try and get everybody to decide on a playlist that will work well for all of you, or play ambient sounds or white noise music to enhance concentration while working.


Lastly, make sure to incorporate some funky ergonomic elements into your office. Sitting at an office chair all day can have some extremely negative effects on our health and our bodies. Just think about how many hours a week we spend sitting at our chairs. If we’re sitting on unsupported chairs in an unsafe way, that could be doing some serious damage. Invest in good chairs and desks that can provide maximum comfort to your employees. You can also look at setting up workstations that require standing up just to give your employees some variation and opportunities for stretching.

As you find the perfect office space for rent, remember that signing the lease is not the final step you can tick off your list. What goes on inside that space is truly the deciding factor on whether it will be the environment you need it to be.


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