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A Look Into the Growing Popularity of Shared Office Space in Australia

The ever-increasing cost of commercial office space and associated overheads across Australia, including the Sunshine Coast, is often a deterrent to young entrepreneurs. With costings completed, that small start-up loan originally envisaged has quadrupled.

For many, it’s enough to ensure the dream of building a successful business remains just that – a dream. Perhaps now is the time to think again. For those looking for an office space, the Sunshine Coast has some great alternatives.

A Better Business Environment

Co-working space, shared office space – call it what you will, but it’s fast becoming the preferred method of changing great business ideas into great businesses. Low overheads and flexibility are just some of the main reasons why greater numbers of start-ups are choosing shared office spaces on the Sunshine Coast, but look a little deeper and greater benefits become apparent.

Finding a Conducive Setting

The digital revolution has provided greater opportunities than ever before, and it’s not just happening in areas like the Sunshine Coast. Freelancers have chosen to leave the stresses and strains of hectic office life and work from home. While there are undoubtedly many benefits to working from home, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. After all, the cozy environment that comes with working from home doesn’t suit everyone.

Many need the quiet buzz of other people working with their own tasks to really get the creative juices flowing. They need the stimulation of likeminded people, the opportunity to brain-storm ideas, to be able to feed off others’ inventiveness while also sharing their own ideas to others.

A Space with Other Professionals

With a growing number of professionals looking to rent shared office spaces, you’re likely to be in close proximity to like-minded people. Your shared space may include young start-ups, creative artists, industry consultants, freelancers and company employees. All of which are wanting to get away from the daily grind of office life, but don’t like the solitude of working from home.

Create a Better Brand Image

Now that everyone is connected through the internet and social media, company image is everything. Alongside your office space comes a bona-fide company address. A shared office space is a place where you can meet clients, suppliers and backers. Here, you can discuss day to day work schedules with any outside staff.

If you are seriously considering turning those grand ideas into a sterling business, then take a closer look at the availability of shared office space on the Sunshine Coast. Low rent rates and flexible terms can take much of the worry out of starting up on your own. A clean modern working environment shared with likeminded people provides a fabulous opportunity to get your business off to a great start. It also provides a better opportunity to grow.

The Boarding Office is a co-shared office space with spaces available for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike! If you’re interested in learning more about us, visit our website, or reach out to our office manager Vicki at [email protected]


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