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Make Your Workplace Less Lonely with Shared Office Spaces

By December 8, 2017 No Comments

For many entrepreneurs, working for themselves often means working by themselves. Working autonomously certainly has its benefits, but one thing many entrepreneurs battle with is loneliness. An office environment provides a particular workplace culture that cannot be replicated, and the isolating effects of working from home can be significant. So how do small business owners combat the loneliness while still running their own show? The answer is a shared office space. By bringing their business to a shared office, entrepreneurs are able to reap the benefits of the office workplace, while still having independent control of their business. Here’s a few reasons why shared office spaces are so effective in reducing workplace loneliness for entrepreneurs.

Increased networking opportunities

Working from home is great for avoiding interruptions, but it requires minimal interaction with others, and more specifically, other businesses. A valuable skill for small business owners is learning how to network in a shared office space. Networking is not only proven to help expand your business, but it’s a great way to encourage conversation with others. It gives you the chance to meet amazing people, connect with new clients and open the door to other networking possibilities. A shared office space is the perfect workplace balance to give entrepreneurs the best of both worlds.


Promotes inspiration and motivation

Entrepreneurs tend to be inspiring, go-getter types that are good to be around. As shared office spaces provide a workplace for like-minded people, the biggest appeal is the sense of community. Working in an environment where everyone shares a similar goal and similar ambition creates great workplace morale. Everyday, you get to be around inspiring people, and as innovation often comes out of the blue, it’s the perfect environment to foster creativity. Sometimes, improving your projects means getting out and involving yourself in other people’s ideas. Because you just never know who you might meet.

Presents opportunities for collaboration

If you don’t talk to people, you can’t network, and if you don’t network, you can’t collaborate. So, if networking leads to collaboration, how would an entrepreneur working from home expand their business? A shared office space is full of pseudo colleagues and each one has different knowledge and skill-sets to offer. However, this also includes you. You could be the missing piece of the puzzle someone else has been waiting for. By operating your business within a shared office space, it’s very likely that someone will approach you for collaboration, too. After all, it is a community.

Gives you and your business room to grow

They say people who travel always return home with a different world perspective. This is because nothing can ever change if you don’t leave your comfort zone, and the same applies to business. Renting a shared office space gives your business room to grow, but also gives you a personal sense of development. The routine of working from home everyday can begin to feel stale without any fresh external influence. Having innovation and inspiration around you all the time has a positive effect on your personal growth. As a result, your personal growth is then able to influence your business growth;  and a shared office space is the ideal workplace for you to expand your business.

Being self-employed doesn’t mean you have to be alone in your work. A shared office space can help you overcome the loneliness of entrepreneurship, and provide you with the workplace culture to take your business to the next level.


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