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How to Make Your Co-working Space Work for Your Business

There are undeniable benefits to operating your business in a co-working space, with many start-ups now venturing down this path. With their popularity continually on the rise, it’s worth investigating how to maximise your co-working space to benefit your business. Here are some fool-proof strategies to achieve optimal results in your co-working space.

Leverage your own productivity schedule

This requires you to figure out which times of the day you work most efficiently and tailor your schedule to suit. The benefit of co-working spaces is that you are in control of the hours you choose to operate. For example, if you’re a morning person, get in early when it’s quietest in order to maximise your high-productivity period.

Shut off and focus

It can be easy to get distracted with the buzz of a shared office, and you might be tempted to take extended breaks or engage in excessive chitchat. You’ll need to be able to shut off from your surroundings and focus on the task at hand, then you can reward yourself after with a little socializing. If you can’t adjust to the background noise, consider trying noise cancelling headphones or playing some music that is respectful of others around you.

Stay flexible

No matter the type of business you run, flexibility is key. Co-working spaces can be customised to suit any small business needs, but still, sometimes the circumstances are less than ideal. If something is becoming an issue for you, rather than stressing, think outside the box and explore other options. The dynamics of the office space can change depending on the tenants, but if you’re flexible in your mindset and practices, there are few issues that cannot be resolved.

Leverage the scalability of co-working spaces

The flexible lease agreements mean co-working spaces are ideal for start-ups. As your business grows, you can add space incrementally, based on your changing staff needs. Always consider the following when leasing a shared office:

  • Choose the right coworking space – Speak to the co-working space business about scaling up your requirements and the process involved.
  • Recruiting employees – As you hire new employees, make the recruitment process easy for them. Create an induction program with co-working tips, so they have all the information they need to settle in quickly.
  • Budget – Co-working spaces are cost-effective options when you’re expanding as a business, but as with any type of office space, you should always budget ahead as you grow.

Use your co-working space as a recruiting asset

If you’re ready to hire new employees, your co-working space can be a selling point for attracting top-tier talent. They are contemporary and appealing, and working in a shared office space can boost a candidate’s work experience. Don’t be shy in highlighting the perks of the job through networking opportunities, social events, services and amenities.

Maximise networking and partnering opportunities

Due to the collaborative nature of co-working spaces, the partnering and networking opportunities are endless. As your business grows, so too will your network. This includes customers, partners and a broader community beyond your business for your team. These links can enrich your business opportunities, company’s culture and day-to-day working experience.

Set daily goals

Goal-setting is the fundamental key to success and is what guides you through the day. Working towards daily goals ensures you accomplish everything on time and minimises the risk of procrastination and distractions. Setting daily goals, along with your weekly and monthly targets, ensures you and your team stay focused and on track.


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