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Getting a Shared Office Space Close to the Beach Is More Beneficial Than You Think

Today’s business owners are getting smarter and more practical. For one, they know how to utilize smart technology to run companies even while on the go. They have also challenged the notion that you need to lease an entire office space to be successful. Instead, they opt for a shared office – a choice that doesn’t hinder them from meeting, or even exceeding, their revenue goals.

Shared office spaces are a growing trend among businesses right now and it’s expected to become even more popular for good reason. For starters, it gives companies the opportunity to have an office, but for relatively lower costs. Why lease an entire floor in a building when all you really need is a number of cubicles?

Not to mention, you’re not required to lease a space for a contract of several years with this setup. Instead, you can just pay the weekly fee, allowing you to be more flexible in your office options in the future. At the same time, since the space is shared, you no longer have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the facility. That’s up to the building’s owners themselves.

When you are getting a shared office space, there’s no reason why it can’t be somewhere by the beach. Consider the idea seriously. After all, there are several benefits to working near the sun, sand, and sea that you may not be aware of.

Get A New Source For Inspiration

Is your team starting to feel stuck on something? Maybe they just need to get a bit more inspiration. Choosing a location near the beach means that all you have to do is pack up your tablets, laptops, and a beach blanket or two, and make your way to the ocean. Go ahead and start your brainstorming session. You never know, perhaps a change in scenery is all you needed to generate more interesting ideas.

Save On Company Outing Costs

Who needs to go on a company outing when the beach is near your office? Instead of staying inside the workspace, you can set aside half a day where everyone just lounges by the beach. Enjoy soaking up the sun together. After all, studies have proven that having some beach time is effective in providing immediate stress relief. In fact, experts say that your body immediately releases serotonin, the relaxation hormone, the moment you hit the beach. When your staff feels a whole lot better inside and out, you can also expect them to be more productive back in the office.

Instant Beach Party

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of using shared office spaces is the opportunity to do some networking. That is, so long as the other businesses you are sharing the space with is not your competition. This way, you get the opportunity to expand your contacts and perhaps, even acquire a new customer or client.

Not sure how to break the ice with them? Kick off a casual party after work hours. Host one right by the beach where everyone can relax and listen to the waves. This way, meeting anyone doesn’t have to feel so formal.

Remember these factors when looking at some shared office space options for you and your staff. Take your time in choosing. Don’t be shy about asking the workspace provider, such as The Boarding Office, questions, too. Even when it’s shared, your office space has to feel just right.


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