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8 Quick Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has undeniably changed the way we do business. Not only is it fast and efficient with limitless growth, it’s also a key part of brand identity. With this powerful tool right at your fingertips (literally), how can you be sure you’re utilising its maximum potential? It all comes down to strategy. Here are eight simple steps for implementing an effective digital marketing campaign.

1. Know your customer

How well do you know your customer? When it comes to building your brand, there are few things more crucial than knowing your target market. If you have a genuine understanding of your customer, you are therefore able to give them exactly what they want. Google Analytics is a great tool for identifying your customer. It will tell you who is visiting your website and what they’re doing while there. This will help you tailor your content so that it best meets your target market interests.

2. Be creative, don’t copy

It’s a competitive world and you need to understand your competition. Do your research and find out what they’re doing and why it works, but DO NOT COPY. Creativity gets rewarded in marketing campaigns; what works for one company might be a total flop for another. The best way to achieve digital marketing success is to think outside the box, identify what sets you apart from the competition, and give people original content and products.

3. Compelling messaging

You only have a matter of seconds to grab a user’s attention – use it effectively. Digital marketing often means limited copy space so you need to get to the point of your ad as quick as you can and make it as emotionally engaging as possible. Succinct messaging that evokes emotion and makes the user want to click on the ad is how to create compelling messaging.

4. Clear call-to-action

The fundamental element to a successful marketing campaign is a compelling call-to-action. This should be clearly displayed in your content and you should have at least one on every page. Your call-to-action is what you want your customer to do. Subscribe, download, request a quote, buy now… whatever it is, your customer shouldn’t have to guess, you should make it as plain as the nose on their face. Avoid generic language like ‘read more’, make it personal to your brand, and make sure that your call-to-action button links directly to the content you want your user to engage with. Which leads us to the next point…

5. Designated landing pages

How annoying is it when you have to click through a hundred links just to find the relevant page you’re looking for. Your customers shouldn’t have to navigate through your entire website just to find relevant content, so don’t make it difficult or they’ll be likely to leave. Make sure your landing pages are exactly where you want your customer to be and reduce the number of clicks they need to get there. So many businesses overlook this simple yet effective method of keeping users on your site and driving up conversion rates.

6. Imagery matters

It’s likely that your user will be absorbing other content when your ad appears on their screen, so it’s important to make it as visually appealing as possible. High quality images reflect the quality of the ad itself. A clean, elegant design is far more likely to captivate user interest than something that just blends into the noise. Your imagery should help tell the story of your brand and give unfamiliar users a solid expectation of what’s on offer.

7. Be more social

While you cannot control the conversation on social media, you can certainly be a part of it. Give your customers the opportunity to be heard. Read their comments, engage with them and ask more questions. Effective digital marketing is not just about driving out your message, but having systems in place that allow your customers to share their experiences. Being social is a great way to earn trust with your customers.

 8. Experiment and monitor

Sometimes the success of your campaign can depend on factors such as time of day, language choice, audience segment or image selection. The only way to know which campaigns are most successful and why, is to experiment and monitor results. Don’t be afraid to change tactics, if something isn’t working, find out why and implement something else. Trial and error can be incredibly valuable in determining what resonates best with your customers.

Digital marketing can be daunting at first, but try not to feel overwhelmed. Just remember, the more effort you put in, the better results you will generate. A successful campaign requires you to be engaged and focused on your customers, and with these few helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving greater business growth.


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